zongolopoulosG. Zongolopoulos installing a work in Jannis and Zoes' garden

papadimirtiouA. Papadimitriou 2003



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The Spyropoulos Museum possesses a noteworthy collection of works of contemporary Greek art. The collection contains a series of paintings, sculptures and engravings done by artists who were the artist's contemporaries. These works were purchased by the artist or exchanged with his friends. Sculptures by Giorgos Zongolopoulos, Achilleas Apergis, Christos Kapralos, Nausica Pastra, and Yannis Parmakellis, engravings by Yannoukakis, Manolis Polymeris, Yannis Adamakos, Thrafia, Voula Massoura, Rena Papaspyrou, and Chryssa as well as many others are all to be found in our collection.

Furthermore, through the gracious offerings of the artists who have won the Spyropoulos Prize during the preceding two decades the Spyropoulos Museum has created a collection of young contemporary artists who represent the pictorial quests of the Nineties and the new Millenium in Greece. This collection contains artists who began their creative careers during these decades and have advanced, along with the Jannis Spyropoulos Museum, down through time.