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The foundation

The Jannis and Zoe Spyropoulos Foundation, a non-profit organization (Foundation established 1/12/90/ Decree 711-12/2/90), was founded with the aim to safeguard the work of the great Greek abstract painter, and to study, publish, protect and promote it in every possible manner.

entranceJannis and Zoe Spyropoulos designed and built an institution, rich and unique in content, a special building which served as their home and housed the collection of the institution until 2006. They created a monographic museum - an organization which is concerned with the work of one artist only - as well as a well-structured agency for its administration. A small cultural entity, valuable as concerns the uniqueness of its collection, whose activities ought to maintain it as a vital nucleus of Greek cultural life.

The Spyropoulos museum opened to the public in 1992, two years after the painter's death and after the building had been suitably converted and his extremely rich archives and artistic material had been classified. During the years it has been in operation, in addition to the permanent exhibitions it has presented other events, which have created a new public for the painter's work. An organized retrospective of the artist's work also toured the main Greek towns bringing his work to the most difficult of viewers. As is well known, Jannis Spyropoulos did not exhibit in Greece after 1960. Therefore, the organization of all these exhibitions constituted one of the Foundation's primary obligations.

We should also mention the establishment (at the same time the Foundation was being set up) of an annual monetary prize, which is given to two young artists, under thirty years of age, by means of a competition. The annual Spyropoulos Prizes have acquired great importance and are widely recognized in the last fifteen years. The Museum has already created an interesting collection of the works of the prize-winning artists, so as to represent Greek art of the 1990s through the works of artists who, in the meantime, have become important representatives of their generation.

The Administrative Board is comprised of individuals who knew and deeply admired the artist and his work. President: Giorgos Sortikos, Vice-President: Vasilis Makios, Secratery: Giannis Papaioanou, Treasurer: Panagiota Papachristopoulou.
Members: Julia Dimakopoulou, Magda Baltogianni, Artemis Zenetou.

The Foundation owns all copyrights on the work of J.Spyropoulos. Concequently in case of photoreproduction documentation publication or other activities concerning the work or the biograph of the Artist please cantact the Foundation about a relevant licence. Furthermore only the Spyropoulos Foundation posesses the juristiction to give an opinion and issue certificates on the subject of authenticity of the painters works.

We are a small, tightly focused museum where the ideas and cooperative endeavours undertaken with other agencies may create events of exceptional importance for our city. Our exhibition program constitutes a highly selective presentation of all that we believe are important to be revealed by modern art.