Olga Daniylopoulou with Katerina Frouzaki















LIBRARY The Spyropoulos Foundation contains an important library, specializing in Abstraction as an international movement. There are also many volumes dealing with other sectors of art, catalogues, magazines and so on. This is not a lending library and can be visited (for the present) only by making an appointment by telephone. The library also contains a wealth of archival material on the painter's work and career.

The Foundation's archive is based on the documented catalogue of the works of Jannis Spyropoulos as it was compiled in the doctoral dissertation of Y. Ch. Papaioannou. This catalogue numbers the painter's approximately 1,600 works.

CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTICITY The Foundation has in its possession all the intellectual rights which in their sum total are related to the work of the painter Jannis Spyropoulos. So in the case of the publication, promotion, reproduction, photographing, videotaping and, generally speaking, any and all activities related to the work or the life of the artist, the interested party must contact the Foundation in order to obtain the necessary permit.

The Spyropoulos Foundation is responsible for the certification of the authenticity of the painter's works, as well as being the only responsible agency for the issuing of certifications of authenticity of the works of Jannis Spyropoulos when these are brought to the museum for scrutiny.

After the process of identification and verification, the interested party can request the issuing of a certificate of authenticity, which comes with a relevant fee.