ekalithe House in Ekali










salonsmsmall sitting-room downstairs









the House and Museum in Ekali

In 1976, Jannis and Zoe Spyropoulos designed and built a special building for their foundation which was also their home. It housed the Foundations' collection up to 2006. The house-museum in Ekali, was designed with the cooperation of the architects Michel Borne, M. Sapountzi and D.Diamantopoulos. It was completed in 1976 and a large part of the construction was realized by the civil engineers A. Delivorias and C. Konstantinou.

studioJ. Spyropoulos followed and seriously attended to all the details of designing and constructing the building. As a result a remarkable specimen of contemporary architecture was accomplished, that accords magnificently with the modern and abstracting characteristics found in his own work. It is a sculpted building, stemming from dozens of models and alternative sketches, until it acquired an excellent although incredibly simple form. Situated on the slopes of Penteli it overlooks the plains of Attika while the artists studio faces mount Parnitha. The clean surfaces of the building incorporate the curving of the grounds while its' green garden houses sculptures by his contemporaries like A. Apergis, N. Pastra, G. Zongolopoulos, Theodoros and Parmakelis.

salonOn the ground floor, before entering the living-room there is a big space where the large triptychs of the late period are presented, while moving walls uncover other rows of works hanging on the main walls. The entire ground floor has been designed as a huge gallery for showing paintings. The rest of the house is equally an exhibition space with smile significance as concerns its private functions.

J. Spyropoulos lived there together with Zoe until his death. The building housed the collection of the artist's work, a collection of other Greek artists as well as administration and archives up to 2006.

It opened to the public in 1992 as a "monographic" museum (which means, dedicated to the work of one artist).

The necessity to transfer the Spyropoulos Foundation to the heart of the city in order to facilitate access to a constant public, led its' administrators to the purchase of a new building in Exarchia.